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"My identity is not found in the opinion of critics or anyone. My identity is found in Christ."

Kristine Lim


       Being able to draw before learning how to write foretold what Kristine Lim was born for. Lim graduated Cum Laude from a globally recognized and prestigious university in the Philippines, University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Fine Arts with a major in Visual Communications.

        As a University Scholar for four consecutive years, she passionately explored her chosen path which has always been her calling. Hence, she grew as a multi-disciplinary artist, with painting, drawing, graphic design, film and digital photography, and digital art as her areas of interest. Over the years, she has come to understand what visual art means for her. Art is a God-given skill to relay and do something beyond what the artist wants to convey and where the message goes past all known words and lexis. There is no right or wrong interpretation. Every exposition counts, especially, if it positively impacts and transforms the viewer's life and disposition.


       This ARTIST ON A MISION has captured the hearts of many after her successful solo art exhibit called "Almost There," which marked her official return to the art scene after being on hiatus for years. The death of her son and the near-death of his twin brother was the pivoting point of her life to live not for others or herself but for God. It was a wake-up call to go and do what she wants and this time, for God, she will no longer hold back. It was sponsored by and held at The Manila Hotel and The Diamond Hotel, both respected and described as world-class in the hospitality industry.

       Her show was well-received and was officially sold-out before the event even started. High-profile art collectors, as well as, elite members of the society and even international-based collectors were captivated by Kristine's works and immediately acquired her paintings. Her comeback art exhibit paved the way to better opportunities both in and outside the Philippines. Additionally, her exhibits abroad for the next couple of years have already been lined up. FAMAS Digital Philippines, an institution and legacy in the entertainment industry, had commissioned her to be the official Artist to paint and immortalize their Special Awardees for 2020, mirroring Lim's distinct art expression which is patriotic yet modernized and full of diversity.


       Kristine always aims to consistently represent God and her country by bringing with her other Filipino Christian artists to do exhibits and mission works wherever she goes. For her, her accomplishments aren't for her alone but for her fellow Christians and fellow Filipinos as well. 


      She has been a missionary since High School and has been teaching art workshops to orphans and marginalized sectors of the community. She founded and spearheaded the ARTISTS on a MISSION Workshop and LITTLE ARTISTS on a MISSION Workshop. She uses her art to help and support NGOs and LGUs and other missionaries like herself. 


       Succinctly, Lim is an advocate of Edenic Living and Sustainability. She is currently a volunteer as the Director of Culture & Arts for Sustainable PH, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability and becomes the forefront of Greenovation in the Philippines. Lim is also one of the founders and the Vice President for External Affairs of Christian + Collective, an initiative she and her fellow Christian artists created to further evangelize the word of God through arts. Lim can also be appreciated as a writer; she has her own column at called “Created to Create”.


       Now a wife to Jasper and a mom to Justine, John (+), and Judah, Lim stays true to her faith as a Filipino Christian artist and missionary despite and in spite of unpredictable circumstances. As she always says, "An artist is not just someone who creates art. A true artist is someone who can create meaningful pieces that impact and change lives; because it is not self-serving. It is purposeful.".


2021 Words by KRIS SOGUILON

Multi Awarded UK Based Artist

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