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It's been a series of tough seasons for all of us for the past years. We have been at war with many enemies. The most recent one is against this pandemic. The most constant is against one another and against ourselves.

In my personal opinion, though not representing the majority, we are a great country with great leaders. Though they all are flawed and imperfect, I saw and I can still see that they have all done their best and they continue to do so. Their best may not be what we are expecting from them but their best has been a tool for our country to be continuously transformed and molded by God toward what He has already planned for us.

As we fight to endure the many challenges we are in, the last thing that we want to happen is to fight against one another and ourselves. We have to respond with our situations not with our emotions but with what the Lord has commanded us.

Me, together with artists from our new and small group, Christian + Collective, believes in these. As servants of our Lord we know that we are given our skills to be used for good; Not to divide but to show the right perspective… the godly perspective.

God has clearly instructed us to respect our leaders for our sake and for the Lord’s sake.

No one was placed in position by accident and if it wasn’t the will of the Lord. ALL our leaders; past present and future were established by Him.

We are not pro-anyone or pro-a-certain-party.

But we are pro-Philippines and we are pro-God.

Others may choose to fight but WE choose God.

We choose love.

Because the truth is anger will never be the answer.

More than hate, rage, and criticism, we need compassion.

Our leaders need God’s help. All of them. We all need help.

It’s important to remember that God is not surprised by flawed individuals just like you and me and those in high places. This is the truth. He knows our presidents and kings and queens are broken; just like you and me.

So much so that He gave His son to bring redemption and provide hope for us and to forgive us so we can live with love in our hearts.

With that being said, if you’re on the same boat with us, may we request for you to post a photo showing your fist above your heart as a simple reminder for people that strength is not found in anger. Strength is found in love. Strength is found in God.

Where there is darkness, we must shed light.

We know there are only a few of us. Perhaps only a handful will join us.

We may not be cool and we may not be the popular majority but it’s ok. Jesus wasn’t too.

The popular people and opinion nailed Him on the cross. But popularity is not our goal. Ours is to simply remind, even just with our small voices and whispers, that God’s love, compassion, and forgiveness are what we all need in moments such as this.

The Presidency and every position have God’s anointing.

They won and those who will come after will win because God is in control.

We are encouraging everyone to pray for our leaders and for one another.

Sa mga kapwa namin ka sining at Pilipino, sang ayon man sa amin o hindi, mahal namin kayo.













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