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Updated: May 25, 2021

I'm now a columnist. Yes, you read that right. I don't only paint but I also do love to write. I consider writing another form of art that's very close to my heart.

Last year during our visit to CCP my co-director at Sustainable PH, Karlo Davila, asked me if I can write for Sustainable PH. Sustainable PH is an NGO where yours truly is currently the Director for Culture and Arts. Karlo told me that he and Kathy Solis, another dear friend and also a co-director at Sustainable PH, think that writing was also one of the strengths that I have. I was hesitant during that time as I wasn't that confident with my writing skills. I know I can write but am I good enough to have my column?

Fast forward to April 21, 2021, where I found myself in quarantine due to Covid-19 with no one to talk to, I was reminded of that conversation that I had with Karlo and was compelled to start my column.

CREATED TO CREATE is a column where I write and feature the broader side of what sustainability is all about. Here I impart my personal experiences as well as different aspects of what it means to live sustainably; through stories, point of views and creations of different people, groups and even other happenings that breathes new life to what it means to have a sustainable world. It is not just about nature but is, in fact, a lifestyle that we should all live by.

With CREATED TO CREATE I bring to light the true essences of sustainability through what people envision and create to have a better world by pushing the envelope in the different areas of our lives.

Here I share worlds where we see things from a different perspective, looking at a more long-term vision for each and every single one of us. True sustainability lies not just in nature but as well as in our countries, economy, communities, families, our relationship with one another, our everyday decisions, our reactions and responses towards our situations and circumstances. Attaining real sustainability is also anchored on our individuality and the things we can do with what God has provided for us (may it be the resources that we have, challenges that we are in or the strengthening of our characters) to sustain and nurture everything and everyone that we have now for the benefit of the generations to come.

Click the link to visit my column:

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