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He Made Me Do It.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

During my two-week quarantine, I was able to start my column, Created To Create. My first article came in a snap. Without thinking my heart knew what I wanted to write. I wrote about John.

When my article was published I received a comment from a family member saying she doesn't know how the article was connected with Sustainability since the article was for my column at Sustainable PH. It was not a surprise and was very understandable. Most people's concept of sustainability is something purely about nature but, you see, it's not just about that. We need to embrace the concept of sustainability as what it is. Living sustainably requires us to apply the idea in every aspect of our lives; every moment and every second. Sustainability goes with our everyday decisions, how we treat one another, how we respond to our circumstances, and even how we will rise again and thrive from the challenges and battles we encounter. Believe me. Living sustainably is key to many of life's closed doors and will make a lot of amazing difference not just for you but for everyone who's part of your existence. Besides, isn't it a reflection of who our God is?

The Lord sustained us and will continue to sustain us. He sustained me to continue living my life even when I wanted to call it quits too many times. The broader, deeper, and truest form of sustainability lies in the moments when we hit rock-bottom with nowhere to go and nothing left to do but reach out to Him to pull us up. That is exactly what happened to me. Many times I thought I can no longer carry on but it was only Jesus who sustained me to continue to see sunrise one after the other. He sustained me until His perfect time when He presented to me the very reason why I am here. This is perhaps the moment for which I have been created. I went back to my calling. Though it was through a great loss, nervous, I went back to live the life that has been set before me. I went back to painting and I now embrace being an artist.

I thought I can't but John's passing pushed me to realize that I must and I can and so, by God's grace, I did.

With that, I would like to share with you here the first article that I wrote for Created To Create. May God be praised and may it serve its purpose to you well. Let Him always sustain you.


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