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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

The Philippines have always been blessed to have amazing Presidents; from the very 1st up to our current one. All of them have exemplified dedication and commitment to our country. They were all used by God so He can move us from glory to higher glory.

Our country was again blessed to have a great leader and this afternoon was indeed a historic one as PRRD delivers his 2021 State of the Nation Address.

It was truly an honor for me and I cannot fully express my gratitude to God and to Ma'am Susanne Tiausas and everyone who curated and organized this event for making me part of this moment. With thanksgiving I share with you that I am part of the art exhibit entitled “Sa Lahat ng Pagbabago, Salamat sa Pangulo” alongside some of the county's premier artists, Michael Cacnio, Janddie Castillo, Fil dela Cruz, Janos dela Cruz, Ysa Gernale, Carlo Magno, Carlo Ongchangco, Herbert Pajarito, Sam Penaso, Fred Tan, Melissa Yeung Yap, and Presidential Merit Awardee Juvenal Sanso. This is the first art exhibit that was a joint project by the House of Representatives and Galerie Francesca showcasing 14 visual artworks of contemporary artists to complement the 14 selected Republic Acts that were signed by the President during his term. Speaker Lord Allan Velasco and Majority Leader Ferdinand Martin Romualdez led the ribbon cutting of the exhibit.


As I reflect on this event, I am reminded of the verse in Psalms 119:18 which says, ‘Open my eyes, to see the wonderful things in your teachings.’ The artworks are all pleasing to the viewer's eyes, it is easy to appreciate because all we see is the finished product. However, before those paintings were done, an artist would spend countless sleepless nights conceptualizing, creating, sacrificing time and effort, not to mention the mess that it entails to be able to come up with such masterpieces.

I could only hope and pray for our people, the Filipino people, to see and respect our government in the same way. Though the process towards progress could be tough and perceived by people as slow, may we see the effort our leaders put toward our country’s development. May we have eyes to see a different perspective, not discounting the imperfection and human flaws of those who lead us but recognizing what has been done and continuously being done for our advancement. Through this exhibit which displays the world-class talent of the Filipino artist, may we openly acknowledge what our country has achieved not instantaneously but appreciate what has been accomplished in the time being, only made possible by the grace of God.

I believe every president that we had is a reflection of every Filipino. Each one contributed something great in their term. Let God allow us to see all He has bestowed in our beloved Philippines through our leaders.

We have been through a lot, and opening our eyes and hearts to see everything and everyone as to how God sees all of us is the next big step for us Filipinos to allow ourselves to grow and prosper even more.

I’m proud of ALL our leaders, past, present, and future, and I’m proud to be a Filipino!

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, it was a privilege to be part of and to witness your last SONA as our 16th president.


At ako naman ay patuloy na titindig para sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng pagluhod at pagdasal!














Title: Siya Lamang (1 Pedro 2:24)

Artist: Kristine Lim

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas Canvas

Size: 28 x 28 inches (octagon)

Date: 2021


Artist’s Rationale:

“Siya Lamang” features the 10 Medicinal Plants Approved by the Department of Health of the Philippines surrounding our National Bird. The Philippine Eagle represents the courageous spirit of the Filipinos that helps us to continuously press on regardless of our circumstances. The Medicinal Plants represents the Lord’s gift of healing that our countrymen and nation can receive through, the guidance of our leaders, our faith, and the willingness of our hearts. All these come together in an octagon canvas that depicts the stability of the continuity of life, amidst any kind of circumstance, through God. “Siya Lamang” foretells that by faith and through His grace our country can attain healing in all forms; may it be physical, relational, economic, and even spiritual.

“Sa kanyang pagkamatay sa krus, pinasan niya ang ating mga kasalanan upang tayo'y mamatay na sa kasalanan at mamuhay nang ayon sa kalooban ng Diyos. Sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga sugat, kayo'y pinagaling.” — 1 Pedro 2:24

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. BY HIS WOUNDS YOU HAVE BEEN HEALED.” — 1 Peter 2:24


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