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Sent by THE KING

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

My works are now officially part of the National Archives of the Philippines and the Presidential Museum and Library, Malacañan Palace.

I was commissioned by a group of supporters of the Dutertes to paint portraits of the President and Senator, Bong Go. They are a group of professionals who believes in the administration's initiatives, campaigns, programs, and leadership. They are also believers like me and are very much eager to always share God's Word with everyone.

The artworks were given to express the group's gratitude to the two leaders for all that they do especially leading the country during these trying times. It was truly an honor to have the official turnover of my works with the presence of Senator Bong Go, and the President himself, Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Being both an artist and a missionary, I know I will remain undeserving of God’s blessings and so I take all of these with a humble and grateful heart, and as a task to minister to others and to share Him through my art.

What made this event truly meaningful for me was when I got to share the gospel and lead an impromptu pray over for Senator Bong Go and President Duterte. More than anything, I will never forget the moment when, regardless of the presence of strangers, press, and media; I, surprising myself as well, uttered “Mr. President, can I pray for you?”. With his approval, I extended my hand towards him, closed my eyes, and prayed with words I didn’t prepare for but were those that came from Him. And as everyone ended the prayer with “Amen” I opened my eyes and it immediately met with the President’s; with his gaze swathe in tears. And in that very second, the real reason why I was there became immediately clear to me.

It was more than the artworks.

It was more than my talent or skills.

It was more than the honor that it brought.

It was never about me. It was never about anyone in that room.

It was because the occasion calls to show less of me and more of HIM.

As a person far from being perfect and good, and as a sinner who’s no better than anyone else; falling short every single day, I will endlessly be grateful to God for choosing me to carry out that specific duty.

Our time with the President and the Senator also made me saw God even more. During our dinner, their humility and constant sharing that they are not perfect but with their flaws they continue to do their best for the Lord, God’s big and resounding presence filled the place.

The King is indeed in The Palace

and He made me see them as to how He sees all of us.

I saw their heart. They have the heart to lead and they have the determination and strength to carry on and accomplish their duty. It was not because they are perfect (they even shared they are still in awe and humbled that they are in position) but because God is, and God is with them. They both reminded me of the many people, kings, and leaders God chose to carry on His works in the Bible. They met oppositions because of their imperfections, their history, their shortcomings, the judgments that they were imposed with. They never looked the part. They, themselves, felt unequipped and unsuited for the job most of the time. But it has been the way of the Lord. It is how God works. He would always choose imperfect people to teach us how to walk by faith and not by sight; amongst many other lessons. He would always choose imperfect people because, through their imperfections, God’s perfection is magnified.

I will forever be grateful to the friends and supporters of the President and the Senator and to everyone who was there for the opportunity and for the continuous trust and support that they have for me and the gifts and talent that I was blessed with.

I will forever serve, move with, and belong to, the King of kings.


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